Bespoke shower rooms in King’s Lynn

If you’ve got a busy schedule and don’t have time to hang around in the mornings, why not choose one of our shower rooms to help you get ready? Stylish in design and flexible to your needs, you can be on your way in no time at all with a room completely designed to meet your specifications. Whether it’s to change the style of your bathroom or to renovate your wet room, we want to hear from you in King’s Lynn today! Contact King’s Lynn Bathroom & Showering Centre today.

We also offer The latest digital showering equipment celebrates 20 years of innovation in 2020, it is so quick and easy to install whether initial build or retro fit, unique dust-free, minimum distruption. Only four screws and a hole through coving/ceiling and no pipes to leak in the walls/hidden areas plus no water passes through the control, so nothing to scale up and shorten the length of the products. These showers also indicate when your selected temperature has been reached. To summerise, it comes to less cost than alternative methods and comes with a 5 year guarentee.

A range of different solutions to choose

  • Shower rooms
  • Wet rooms
  • Power showers
  • Bath replacement
  • Raindrop showers
  • Shower jets
  • Less abled shower rooms
  • Wellness freedom centre
Bathroom installation

Get ready in the mornings in our stylish shower rooms. Call King's Lynn Bathroom & Showering Centre today on 01553 775 046

Have you thought about one of our wet rooms?

Wet rooms are a great addition to any household. Not only do they come in a number of different styles ranging from contemporary finishes to more traditional ideas, but they’re low maintenance and extremely convenient. Whatever type of shower you’d like installed, we have a variety of different heads available from power showers to raindrop fittings – it all depends on your lifestyle!
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